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* eBay (UK) (Auctions)
* H. G. Webber Antiques
* Paul Duggan (Watches)

Phone Books & Maps

* BT Phone Book (UK) / Int'l Directories 


* UK Street Map / Map Blast  


Fun Sites

* Launch Videos 
* Rocky Marciano 
* World Snooker Association
* FIFA World Cup Germany 2006
* English Football Association

Space & UFOs

* NASA (US Space Agency)
* Alien-UK (Sightings)
* SETI (E-Ts)
* Planetary Society
* Hubble Telescope 


* Project Genesis (Torah)
* Explore Judaism
* Learn Hebrew On-Line 
* Torah Audio 
* Jewish High Holidays

News & Information

* BBC News
* London Museums
* The New York Times

Wikipedia (Info on anything) Harlan's Links YouTube (videos on anything)
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